The Reckoning (1970)

Summary : Michael Marler, a glorious interest gentleman inside London, is on the lead of brand his lane to the top. The passing away of his father brings him – behind 37 existence – support to his native land Liverpool, where he is…

Director : Jack Gold

Genre : Drama

Film Place : Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK

Run Time : 1h 51m

Country : UK Read more

Crime and Punishment (1970)

Summary : Raskolnikov, an impoverished ex-law student, kills an older pawnbroker in addition to her sister, perchance as money, perchance to demonstrate a belief close to someone on outdo of the law. He comes to regulate attention…

Director : Lev Kulidzhanov

Genre : Drama

Film Place :

Run Time : 3h 41m

Country : Soviet Union Read more

The Phantom Tollbooth (1970)

Summary : Milo is a boy who is fed up also life. One daytime he comes domestic to estimate a toll booth inside his room. Having zilch more adept to do, he gets inside his toy automobile along with roads done – barely to emerge inside a universe packed with adventure.

Director : Chuck Jones

Genre : Family, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy

Film Place : San Francisco, California, USA

Run Time : 1h 30m

Country : Read more

Rider on the Rain (1970)

Summary : A US Army colonel inside France seeks to road drink an escaped sexual activity maniac.

Director : René Clément

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Film Place : Presqu’île de Giens, Hyères, Var, France

Run Time : 1h 55m

Country : France, Italy Read more

A Quiet Place to Kill (1970)

Summary : A race-car driver whose life, both private in addition to professional, is inside a breakneck downfall is invited by her ex-husband’s latest better half to stay at their plush estate. The two mature men produce a bond, and…

Director : Umberto Lenzi

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Film Place : Incir De Paolis, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Run Time : 1h 34m

Country : Italy, France, Spain Read more

Ovoce stromu rajských jíme (1970)

Summary : An experimental retelling of the fairy-tale of Adam as anyhow as Eve which afterward progresses into an allegorical image of decease of innocence.

Director : Vera Chytilová

Genre : Drama

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 39m

Country : Czechoslovakia, Belgium Read more

The Bear and the Doll (1970)

Summary : Cellist Gaspard is existing inside a full-size domicile inside the countryside and his youngster as anyways as three nieces. He likes someone quiet. One day, his minor motorcar bumps into a Rolls-Royce, driven by Felicia, a young,…

Director : Michel Deville

Genre : Comedy

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 30m

Country : France Read more

Les yeux ne veulent pas en tout temps se fermer, ou Peut-être qu’un jour Rome se permettra de choisir à son tour (1970)

Summary :

Director : Danièle Huillet

Genre : Drama

Film Place : Rome, Lazio, Italy

Run Time : 1h 28m

Country : West Germany Read more

The Bloody Judge (1970)

Summary : Christopher Lee plays the Lord Chief Justice of 17th century England who condemns ladies since witches to also his radical furthermore sexual needs.

Director : Jesús Franco

Genre : Biography, Horror

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 24m

Country : Liechtenstein, Italy, Spain, West Germany Read more

Girly (1970)

Summary : A wealthy, fatherless British extended family kidnaps bums with hippies with forces one another to participate inside an ornate role-playing tourney inside which they are the right family; those who reject or struggle get away are ritualistically murdered.

Director : Freddie Francis

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Horror

Film Place : Grenfell Park, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, UK

Run Time : 1h 42m

Country : Read more