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The Unholy Four (1970)

Summary : A adolescent grown-up who has occupied his memory, escapes like reformatory also three peculiar convicts. The peculiar mortals encourage him deem cooperate with bits of his past, pending they come upon a village where two warring ilks understand him. Apparently he has a repute since individual a speedy gun, also he has been liquidated to exterminate a lady – who says he is his father. His younger blood brother is spiteful of the comment the prodigal lad Read more

Monte Walsh (1970)

Summary : An aging cowboy grasps that the West he knew plus relished will shortly engagement no more–and that there will engagement no stable because him, either.

Director : William A. Fraker

Genre : Western

Film Place : Circle Z Ranch – 1476 Highway 82, Patagonia, Arizona, USA

Run Time : 1h 46m

Country : USA Read more

I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin (1970)

Summary : Sartana, prize scavenger furthermore gunfighter, witnesses the robbery of a shipment of gold. He finds his trait into town where he meets and various suspicious stares derive pleasure the locals. He likewise meets…

Director : Giuliano Carnimeo

Genre : Western

Film Place : Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Run Time : 1h 33m

Country : Italy Read more

And God Said to Cain (1970)

Summary : Gary Hamilton, innocently sentenced to ten days inside reformatory is released. When he comes out he swears himself to search vengeance on the guilty.

Director : Antonio Margheriti

Genre : Western

Film Place : Elios Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Run Time : 1h 33m

Country : Italy, West Germany Read more