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The Flag-Bearer (2011)

Summary :

Director : Ilja Ylikangas

Genre : War

Film Place : Finland

Run Time : 1h 5m

Country : Finland Read more

Little Gods (2011)

Summary : This is wartime Afghanistan finished the eyes of Private Frank Doss, his dandy soldiers, in addition to ultimately, finished the eyes of his iPhone4.

Director : Elizabeth Spear

Genre : War

Film Place : Georgetown, Texas, USA

Run Time : 58m

Country : USA Read more

My Lai Four (2010)

Summary : The reenactment of the mean massacre inside Mi Lai a village inside South Vietnam perpetrated by American Military forces on 16th of March 1968.

Director : Paolo Bertola

Genre : War

Film Place : Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Run Time : 1h 41m

Country : Italy Read more

Du Li Zhong Dui (2015)

Summary : In October 1940, the Japanese army strive against Longquan, the KMT list Gao Xiang was ordered to security Longquan County. Gao Xiang furthermore the Japanese wrestling three life furthermore three nights, furthermore finally…

Director : Dayong Zhao

Genre : War

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 32m

Country : China Read more

Cidade do Sol (2015)

Summary :

Director : Guto Aeraphe

Genre : War

Film Place : Contagem, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Run Time : 1h 32m

Country : Brazil Read more

The Salient (2015)

Summary : The Salient– the half turn north with east of the Flemish city of Ypres– was one in all the some contested locales of the Great War. No to a higher degree five miles across, to a higher degree a meg people…

Director : Luc Cuyvers

Genre : War

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 24m

Country : Belgium Read more

Waiting for the Fall (2015)

Summary : Volleyball competition, rebels also American air attacks inside war-torn Syria.

Director : Joud Saeed

Genre : War

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 32m

Country : Syria Read more

Cinema Bid Adieu (2015)

Summary : Cinema Bid Adieu is Aneek’s foremost quality picture is set for the basis that the cinephiles near to the world. Cinema Bid Adieu is in reality an extra self-produced attempt fancy AAMRA UNMAAD led by Aneek…

Director : Aneek Chaudhuri

Genre : War

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 12m

Country : India Read more

First Flight (2008)

Summary : The pioneering time inside Siam (Thailand). Lieutenant Colonel Luang Kaj Yuthakarn was one in all the initially Thai armed forces which were sent to France to transform a Pilot. When he returned, Siam was the…

Director : Tanit Jitnukul

Genre : War

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 38m

Country : Thailand Read more

Death March of Bataan (2008)

Summary : After the draw closer of Manila, the Americans were hurled help by the facilitated of the enemy. In the countenance of the onslaught General MacArthur ordered a brawling shrink back by the entirety USAFFE units…

Director : Rainer Loeser

Genre : War

Film Place : Philippines

Run Time : 1h

Country : Philippines Read more