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Dark Blue World (2001)

Summary : The friendship of two people in general becomes verified as they both approach as the equivalent woman.

Director : Jan Sverák

Genre : War, Drama, Action, Romance

Film Place : Czech Republic

Run Time : 1h 52m

Country : Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France Read more

Ambush (1999)

Summary : Set for the duration of the World War 2. In the summer of 1941 the Finnish army hybrids the outer edge of Russia. A platoon led by Lt. Eero Perkola operates finished the desolate tract near to the Lieksa lake to…

Director : Olli Saarela

Genre : War, Drama

Film Place : Hyrynsalmi, Finland

Run Time : 2h 3m

Country : Finland Read more

Return from the River Kwai (1989)

Summary : A collection of effort prisoners loves the Kwai bridge establishing camp seek a rude cruise to Japan.

Director : Andrew V. McLaglen

Genre : War, Drama

Film Place : Malaysia

Run Time : 1h 41m

Country : UK Read more

Casablanca Express (1989)

Summary : In 1942, a commando is designated to protect Winston Churchill as it is acquired that the Nazis are plotting to kidnap him.

Director : Sergio Martino

Genre : War

Film Place : Casablanca, Morocco

Run Time : 1h 25m

Country : Italy Read more

Platoon Leader (1988)

Summary : A juvenile officer, basically out of West Point is sent to Vietnam, where the people in general don’t sense him till he gets hurt plus earnings to engagement a wiser soldier plus a enhanced commander

Director : Aaron Norris

Genre : War, Drama

Film Place : Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Run Time : 1h 37m

Country : USA Read more

The Beast of War (1988)

Summary : A Soviet tank plus its warring crew grow to be separated delight in their patrol plus occupied inside an Afghan valley also a variety of vengeance-seeking rebels on their tracks.

Director : Kevin Reynolds

Genre : War

Film Place : Israel

Run Time : 1h 51m

Country : USA Read more

De leeuw van Vlaanderen (1985)

Summary : A yarn centered on the Battle of the Golden Spurs inside 1302 where the Flemish genre as nonetheless as line won a foremost sensation way over the magnificent French knights.

Director : Hugo Claus

Genre : War, Drama

Film Place : Beersel, Belgium

Run Time : 1h 30m

Country : Belgium, Netherlands Read more

Igmanski mars (1983)

Summary : Igman March is seen because the ‘second offensive’. After the come about of the Uzice Republic, since strengthening the bracket of enemies inside December 1941, inside the minute town of Rudo inside Bosnia, formed…

Director : Zdravko Sotra

Genre : War

Film Place : Mountain Durmitor, Montenegro, Yugoslavia

Run Time : 1h 37m

Country : Yugoslavia Read more

Pacific Inferno (1979)

Summary : After the advance of the Philippines inside World War II, the Japanese see that Gen. MacArthur ordered variant dollars inside silver dumped inside Manila Bay inside calls that it not advance into enemy…

Director : Rolf Bayer

Genre : War

Film Place : The Landoil Hotel Properties, Philippines

Run Time : 1h 29m

Country : USA, Philippines Read more

The Biggest Battle (1978)

Summary : How World War II affected the lives of a German genre in addition to an American family, both of whom knowledgeable sons in addition to fathers brawling inside the war.

Director : Umberto Lenzi

Genre : War, Drama

Film Place : Venice, California, USA

Run Time : 1h 30m

Country : Italy, West Germany, Yugoslavia Read more