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The Rapture (1972)

Summary : A newscast is barged in along furthermore bulletins that persons are all of sudden disappearing, giving up disorder inside their wake. Authorities announce a supercomputer inside Europe will engagement old to road the survivors.

Director :

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Dallas, Texas, USA

Run Time : 50m

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Straight on Till Morning (1972)

Summary : A timid, detached man meets a gentleman she believes is eventually the warmth of her life, impolite that he is a nasty chapter killer.

Director : Peter Collinson

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : 214 Earl’s Court Road, Kensington, London, England, UK

Run Time : 1h 36m

Country : UK Read more

Night Call Nurses (1972)

Summary : The charming also perky Barbara, the bright Janis, also the capable of being trusted Sandra are a trio of infantile also fascinating nurses who make effort inside the psych ward at a hospital. The threesome beyond doubt go through their…

Director : Jonathan Kaplan

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Queen of Angels Hospital – 2301 Bellevue Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA

Run Time : 1h 18m

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The Assassination (1972)

Summary : Sadiel, insurrection boss inside a North African state, eliminates safe haven inside Switzerland inside the aftermath of a coup. Aware of the danger posed by Sadiel, the ruthless Colonel Kassar contacts the French…

Director : Yves Boisset

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Orly Airport, Orly, Val-de-Marne, France

Run Time : 2h

Country : France, Italy, West Germany Read more

Frenzy (1972)

Summary : A cycle murderer is strangling grown men in addition to a necktie. The London observe taste a suspect, nevertheless he is the fallacious man.

Director : Alfred Hitchcock

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Coburg Hotel, 129 Bayswater Road, London, England. UK

Run Time : 1h 56m

Country : UK, USA Read more

The Deadly Trap (1971)

Summary : Jill is amazed also unfulfilled while her computer-genius boyfriend decides to surrender his work inside a sturdy firm for the motive that vague reasons. But while her adolescents disapear mysteriously also seem to have…

Director : René Clément

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Paris, France

Run Time : 1h 36m

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Fright (1971)

Summary : Young babysitter Amanda arrives at the Lloyd apartment building to dissipate the evening seeking succeeding their juvenile son. Soon succeeding the Lloyds leave, a condition comedy of intimidating circumstances inside the dark old…

Director : Peter Collinson

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK

Run Time : 1h 27m

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Private Duty Nurses (1971) (The Young Nurses)

Release Date : 1 September 1971
Genre : Thriller
Runtime : 1h 21min
Country : USA
Director : George Armitage
Stars : Katherine Cannon, Joyce Williams, Pegi Boucher
Summary : “Young L.A. Nurses 3: Sunshine Ladies” A trio of pretty private-duty nurses that habit extra the health arts must duty underground dose traffickers, racism plus murder inside their local hospital. Read more

Play Misty for Me (1971)

Summary : A transitory throw between a human disc jockey in addition to an passionate lady fanatic takes out a frightening, in addition to possibly however harmful flick while one more gentleman enters the picture.

Director : Clint Eastwood

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Spindrift Road, Carmel Highlands, California, USA

Run Time : 1h 42m

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Gli occhi freddi della paura (1971)

Summary : Respectable lawyer Peter picks wide awake Anna, an Italian grown grown-up person of dubious virtue, bask in the group also eliminates her give assistance to to his Uncle’s place. They almost immediately learn they are not alone. A gunman Quill (Julian Mateos), is hold up since them.

Director : Enzo G. Castellari

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Run Time : 1h Read more