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Das Amulett des Todes (1975)

Summary : Corinna witnesses how three guys track furthermore infuse a gentleman inside front of her abandoned house. As solitary witness, they liveliness her to go along with each other furthermore cherish the guy’s wound. But she manages to…

Director : Ralf Gregan

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Bad Königshofen i. Gr., Bavaria, Germany

Run Time : 1h 20m

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Trip with the Teacher (1975)

Summary : A mentor along with her brand of opposite sex students get a model touch off to the desert. Their bus breaks down, along with they evaluate self affrighted by a gang of psycho bikers.

Director : Earl Barton

Genre : Thriller

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 31m

Country : USA Read more

Sunburst (1975)

Summary : A pair on escape inside the woods is stalked by a couple of rapists.

Director : James Polakof

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : California, USA

Run Time : 1h 14m

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La encadenada (1975)

Summary : A attractive youthful woman kinds her sights on an aging millionaire. She seduces him, along with moves into his mansion as well as him. She shortly tires of him, though, along with behind she removes him, she functions behind his son

Director : Manuel Mur Oti

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain

Run Time : 1h 27m

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Stepsisters (1974)

Summary : A mature man furthermore his sister-in-law organization to exterminate his wife, nevertheless stuffs don’t whirl out somewhat the fashion they planned.

Director : Perry Tong

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Texas, USA

Run Time : 1h 11m

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W (1974)

Summary : Katie Lewis plus her wife Ben find out that they are the targets of a mystifying killer who vegetation the letter W at the picture of their near-fatal “accidents.” While striving to evade death, the twosome must battle to find out the origin of these attacks.

Director : Richard Quine

Genre : Thriller

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 35m

Country : USA Read more

The Centerfold Girls (1974)

Summary : A depraved religious enthusiast groups out to punish everything the “immoral” grown grown-up persons who pass through posed because the center-fold of a men’s magazine.

Director : John Peyser

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Paradise Cove – 28128 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, California, USA

Run Time : 1h 31m

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Carnalità (1974)

Summary : An unethical businessman has a programme of mistresses jiffy his unwell helpmate remains bed-ridden. He marries his darling only succeeding his helpmate dies on the distinctive hand topics don’t total reasonably since he plans.

Director : Alfredo Rizzo

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Santa Marinella, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Run Time : 1h 37m

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Nada (1974)

Summary : A range of anarchist leftist got contain of “Nada” as in any case as led by the terrorist Buenaventura Diaz abducts the American ambassador Richard Poindexter inside a brothel inside Paris as in any case as brings him to a farm in…

Director : Claude Chabrol

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Paris, France

Run Time : 1h 50m

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Les seins de glace (1974)

Summary : On a shore inside Nice, François meets the mystifying Peggy as anyways as falls inside warmth plus her. Following her to a villa, he meets Marc, a lawyer who has a remarkable relationship plus the girl. Marc tells François that Peggy is a medicine addict: she kills people in general who nearing her.

Director : Georges Lautner

Genre : Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Film Place : Villeneuve-Loubet, Alpes-Maritimes, France

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