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Hot Pants Holiday (1971)

Summary :

Director : Edward Mann

Genre : Romance

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 24m

Country : USA Read more

Parwana (1971)

Summary : Kumar Sen is an artiste of eminence, a talented painter, as in any case as a well known sculptor; as in any case as cherish the majority of his clan, he has a problematic introvert. But no artiste may well triumph any degree of…

Director : Jyoti Swaroop

Genre : Romance, Thriller

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 33m

Country : India Read more

In the Eye of the Hurricane (1971)

Summary : Ruth along with Michel diverse beyond Ruth finds an additional man, Paul. Ruth along with Paul set off to her sunny, idyllic coast closest villa to expend summer. They are making a immense long period of time together, along with afterward things…

Director : José María Forqué

Genre : Romance, Thriller

Film Place : Estudios Macián, Spain

Run Time : 1h 40m

Country : Spain, Italy Read more

Two English Girls (1971)

Summary : At the starting up of the 20th century, Claude Roc, a adolescent middle-class Frenchman meets inside Paris Ann Brown, a adolescent Englishwoman. They develop into friends with Ann invites him to fritter away feast days at…

Director : François Truffaut

Genre : Romance, Drama

Film Place : Flamanville, Manche, France

Run Time : 2h 10m

Country : France Read more

A Gunfight (1971)

Summary : Two aging gunfighters inside desire of currency draw closer to an union to structure an real showdown between each other with retail it to you tickets as it. The townsfolk is extra curious to catch a glimpse the “show”.

Director : Lamont Johnson

Genre : Romance, Western

Film Place : Eaves Movie Ranch – 105 Rancho Alegre Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Run Time : 1h 29m

Country : USA Read more

The Love Mates (1970)

Summary : Julien as nonetheless as Agatha near to engagement a smashing couple, loving, thought for the rationale that others as nonetheless as seem to believe conclude in addition to each other. Though Julien oft looks of human being involved inside peculiar girls, his…

Director : Roger Kahane

Genre : Romance

Film Place :

Run Time : 1h 25m

Country : France, Italy Read more

Mere Humsafar (1970)

Summary : Raju is his bona fide state other than attributable to his unhealthy as anyways as unkempt outlook of living, he is reached “Junglee” by all and sundry inside his village, the entirety until given that ex-convict Ustad Anwar who has did a person a good turn long period of time for…

Director : Dulal Guha

Genre : Romance

Film Place :

Run Time : 2h 33m

Country : India Read more

Dropout (1970)

Release Date : 22 February 1970
Genres : Romance, Drama
Runtime : 110 min
Country : Italy
Director : Tinto Brass
Stars : Franco Nero, Vanessa Redgrave, Gigi Proietti
Summary : Mary is a disenchanted English banker’s mate who meets a afflicted Italian immigrant, Bruno. Mary is enchanted by Bruno plus they go away on a exploit together. In Read more

Four Rode Out (1970)

Summary : A U.S. marshal styles out to generate a Mexican bandit accused of killing his girlfriend’s father, excluding it turns out that there’s other to the chronicle than there initially gives the look to be.

Director : John Peyser

Genre : Romance, Western

Film Place : Almería, Andalucía, Spain

Run Time : 1h 39m

Country : USA, Spain Read more