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California Midnight Movies (2014)

Summary : In this epic American-Canadian city rampage the chief account of the jinx follows of the evil witch beyond Pasha who curses three girls inside Pasha’s life. There is haunting,dancing,lusting,disco also adventures seizing spot inside California. Director : Omer Pasha Genre : Mystery Film Place : Run Time : 2h 23m Country : Canada

Kafe Lale – the film (2014)

Summary : The movie is the sequel of the of “Kafe Lale”. At the entire of the round everybody thinks Hubert died, save for this is not true. In the ”Kafe Lale – the film” Hubert attempts to destroy Katya. Director : Velizar Borev Genre : Mystery Film Place : Run Time : 1h Country […]

Favorite Refrain (2014)

Summary : A music adviser finds a without sensation body. Director : Josh Davidson Genre : Mystery, Thriller Film Place : Davenport, Iowa, USA Run Time : 1h 48m Country : USA

Venezia impossibile (2014)

Summary : If inside 1797, Napoleon completed not conquer Venice maybe, inside 1989, a rash of baffling crimes may undergo not came about inside Murano, inside the novel Republic, led by the ruthless Doge, Anselmo Biaberini… Director : William Carrer Genre : Mystery, Thriller Film Place : Run Time : 1h 31m Country : Italy

The Sound Stage (2014)

Summary : Director : Joseph G. Quinn Genre : Mystery Film Place : Los Angeles, California, USA Run Time : 1h 17m Country : USA

Villain Season (2014)

Summary : Director : Villa Mane Genre : Mystery Film Place : Decatur, Alabama, USA Run Time : 1h 32m Country : USA

The Missing (2014)

Summary : When Emily (Christina Slocum) operates absorbed inside a rural town, Zack (Zack Gold) enlists the aid of Detective Lark (David Hesseltine) to route her down. But the brainteaser presently deepens in addition to gets rid of stranger turns than anybody mixed up has eternally seen. Director : Darren Knapp Genre : Mystery Film […]

Kuroi shikaku (2012)

Summary : Director : Hiroshi Okuhara Genre : Mystery Film Place : Run Time : 2h 24m Country : Japan

Kyû shihaisha no carol (2012)

Summary : Director : Hiroshi Takahashi Genre : Mystery Film Place : Run Time : 47m Country : Japan

Yukue fumei (2012)

Summary : Director : Kôji Kawano Genre : Mystery Film Place : Run Time : 1h 12m Country : Japan