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Grande guerra (2014)

Summary : Director : Carlo Lucarelli Genre : History Film Place : Run Time : 51m Country : Italy

Pavillon 10 au coeur de l’épidémie (2014)

Summary : Director : Christophe Cocherie Genre : History Film Place : Run Time : 52m Country : France

Ambel (2014)

Summary : Director : José María López Oñate Genre : History Film Place : Cehegín, Murcia, Spain Run Time : 1h 32m Country : Spain

In guerra con l’Ala Littoria (2014)

Summary : Director : Claudio Costa Genre : History Film Place : San Giorgio a Cremano, Naples, Campania, Italy Run Time : 1h Country : Italy

Der Zwergengarten von Mirabell – Skurrile Meisterwerke aus Stein (2014)

Summary : Director : Christian Hager Genre : History Film Place : Salzburg, Austria Run Time : 45m Country : Austria

Seventh Soldier (2014)

Summary : A miraculous thriller collection inside Normandy, France all through WW2 inside 1944. A players of American paratroopers persist a reconnaissance assignment in the back of rival lines. As circumstances unfold furthermore the veracity of… Director : Rick Roberts Genre : History, Thriller, War Film Place : Run Time : 49m Country : UK

The Inquiry (2014)

Summary : Dublin 1913. The essential at the rear of the rhetoric for charismatic harmony principal Jim Larkin faces off opposed to mogul William Martin Murphy inside the contend that traced present Ireland. Director : Brian Gray Genre : History Film Place : 6 Gardiner Row, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland Run Time : 1h Country […]

I piloti del nord (2014)

Summary : Director : Claudio Costa Genre : History Film Place : Rome, Lazio, Italy Run Time : 46m Country : Italy

Hagenberg (2014)

Summary : Hachenburg is a town inside the western allotment of Germany. This film is almost about its well to do precedent days plus has been fabricated since the town’s 700th anniversary. The movie’s driving conveyed two life plus more than 500 amateur actors were involved. Director : Thomas Sonnenschein Genre : History Film Place […]

Cocos 1914: The Encounter Between HMAS Sydney and SMS Emden (2014)

Summary : SMS Emden was the do any individual a good turn with end member of the Dresden type of illuminate cruisers constituted as the Imperial German Navy (Kaiserliche Marine). She was come into being inside May 1908, with did inside July… Director : Tristan Loraine Genre : History Film Place : Cocos and Keeling […]