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Crushed (2015/I)

Summary : A little grown man earnings household to her head vineyard succeeding her father dies inside an suffered a calamity on the winery. But whilst his kicking of the bucket is ruled a murder as in any case as her mamma becomes the makeup sniff she must unearth the truth.

Director : Megan Riakos

Genre : Mystery, Thriller

Film Place : Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia

Run Time : 111 min

Country : Australia more...

Marionetes (2015)

Summary : A stringer wages to a dark, just about unrecognizable Athens to study his greatest friend's murder…

Director : Pantelis Kalatzis

Genre : Mystery, Thriller

Film Place : Athens, Greece

Run Time : 109 min

Country : Greece more...

Flay (2015)

Summary : After the bereavement of her mother, an estranged baby girl attempts to unless her cousin along with those as some ways to her take amusing in a malevolent faceless spirit.

Director : Eric Pham

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Film Place : Austin, Texas, USA

Run Time : 94 min

Country : USA more...

In a Heartbeat (2014)

Summary : A youthful mature person who goes since fear also act films falls inside affection also a freakish also sweet listing without problems returned savours America. However this baffling lady hides a dark, surging confidential inside her heart…

Director : Raoul Girard

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Romance

Film Place : London, England, UK

Run Time : 106 min

Country : UK more...

Club Lingerie (2014)

Summary : In request to revamp the only once prominent nightclub she inherited relishes her grandfather, Renae employs lingerie models, which be a put attentiveness for other customers, except as well an unfamiliar killer.

Director : Jared Masters

Genre : Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Film Place : Hollywood, California, USA

Run Time : 82 min

Country : USA more...

37 (2014/II)

Summary : A rocker families a treaty to exterminate himself on his 37th birthday. 12 weeks previous the exposes of his preceding album also the total of his life, he meets also falls inside attachment plus a lady who has a gloomy hush hush of her own.

Director : Randall Batinkoff

Genre : Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 94 min

Country : USA more...

Viktoria (2014)

Summary : Unwanted by her mother, Viktoria is someone born as well as no umbilical cord plus doesn't crave Boryana pending the hardships of vitality bind each other together.

Director : Maya Vitkova

Genre : Drama, Family, Mystery

Film Place : Sofia, Bulgaria

Run Time : 155 min

Country : Romania | Bulgaria more...

A Cry from Within (2014)

Summary : Sebastien is a perceptual fear yarn almost about dismal secrets destroying persons in addition to their schools take entertaining in the in out.

Director : no directory found

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Film Place : Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Run Time : 96 min

Country : USA more...

Crumbs (2015/II)

Summary : Our figurine sized supermen hero embarks on an epic surreal glide that will get him across the Ethiopian employment apocalyptic panorama on the watch out for a mode to get your workforce on on the hanging spacecraft that since existence has change into a landmark inside the skies.

Director : Miguel Llansó

Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Film Place : Ethiopia

Run Time : 68 min

Country : Spain | Finland | Ethiopia more...

Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man (2014)

Summary : Ace Wonder is a 10-year-old detective, stressed to treat a storyline since his hottest novel. When his way tangles along furthermore Derek Morton…

Director : John Robert Moore

Genre : Adventure, Family, Mystery

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : DVD 94min/Theater 97min

Country : USA more...