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The Fairy Stories. Essence of Care (2013)

Summary : Doctor Golf is a kind Wizard and he lives in his underground laboratory. He usually invents wonderful formulas and wants to make the world better…

Director : Liliya Soldatenko

Genre : Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical

Country : Ukraine more...

Cousins (2013)

Summary : After suffering a stroke, Danny Gordon is invited by his cousin Charlie to move into his home. The two have had very little contact over the years…

Director : Marvin Silbersher

Genre : Biography, Comedy, Family

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 68 min

Country : USA more...

Finn (2013)

Summary : Finn lives with his father, a carpenter. Both are grieving the loss of Finn's mother, who died giving birth to Finn on Christmas Eve. Religious symbolism and music as a source of healing accompany Finn and his father as they try to live.

Director : Frans Weisz

Genre : Drama, Family

Film Place : Abcoude, Utrecht, Netherlands

Run Time : 90 min

Country : Netherlands more...

Up on the Wooftop (2015)

Summary : Toby is a lesser than standard pup who dreams of leading Santa's sleigh. After sneaking on to his sleigh lone night, he's by chance departed at the rear of along with finds himself bonding forces also two tykes to weigh up his road cooperate with to the North Pole.

Director : Joe Clarke

Genre : Family

Film Place : Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Run Time : 75 min

Country : USA more...

Missed Connections (2015)

Summary : Marc Reid, a romance novelist, is setup on a blind date by his excess of animated sister. Marc, a bit under enthusiastic, finally ends up finding out the incorrect gal cherish the stable complex.

Director : Brandon Ho

Genre : Comedy, Family, Romance

Film Place : Provo, Utah, USA

Run Time : 71 min

Country : USA more...

The Adventures of Pepper and Paula (2015)

Summary : Based on the specific subsistence adventures of Pistol Packin Paula as anyways as her dog, Pepper.

Director : no directory found

Genre : Family

Film Place : Boerne, Texas, USA

Run Time : 93 min

Country : USA more...

Stair Dad (2015)

Summary : Fazli is noticed for an tiny as anyways as inadequate grown grown woman by everybody as points to him, coupled with his family. However…

Director : no directory found

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 105 min

Country : Turkey more...

My Dad Is Scrooge (2014)

Summary : "A Christmas Carol" turns into "A Christmas Corral" for the animals of Woodsley's Farm aid Oliver as anyhow as his modest cousin June the rostrum the classic story to amaze their Dad into embracing the excitement of the holidays.

Director : Justin G. Dyck

Genre : Family

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 87 min

Country : Canada more...

Aagadu (2014)

Summary : An stumble upon authority is transferred since CI to a village which is dominated by a local goon.

Director : Sreenu Vaitla

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, Family

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 165 min

Country : India more...

They Are All Dead (2014)

Summary : Ever given that her male relative died, Lupe has lived an agoraphobic subsistence at chances and her youth youngster along with her superstitious Mexican mother. It gets rid of a extreme Day of the Dead feast day to wake her conscious along with show her the assess of parlance goodbye.

Director : Beatriz Sanchís

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 93 min | Spain:88 min

Country : Germany | Mexico | Spain more...