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The Fairy Stories. Essence of Care (2013)

Summary : Doctor Golf is a kind Wizard and he lives in his underground laboratory. He usually invents wonderful formulas and wants to make the world better…

Director : Liliya Soldatenko

Genre : Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical

Country : Ukraine more...

Pup (2013)

Summary : Blacky, a black sheep, is the terror of the farm. And she is obsessed with going to the Moon. Kanuto…

Director : Francis Nielsen

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 81 min

Country : Spain, Italy, France more...

Atomic Eden (2015)

Summary : Trapped indoors an older mining complex, someplace inside the ruins of Chernobyl, a type of international mercenaries must band jointly to dispute an army of silly men. 8 opposed to 800, they cleanly couldn't lose.

Director : Nico Sentner

Genre : Action, Adventure, Thriller

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 85 min

Country : Germany | USA | Ukraine more...

Territory (2015)

Summary : It transpired inside the sixties, for the duration of the opinionated thaw inside the Soviet Union… although our tale unfolds inside the coldest terrain of the country…

Director : Aleksandr Melnik

Genre : Adventure, Drama

Film Place : Plato Putorana, Krasnoyarsk krai, Russia

Run Time : 157 min

Country : Russia more...

The Silent Mountain (2014)

Summary : A small Austrian soldier inside World War 1 fights his method completed the Alps to rescue his ex with flee the (close) at hand outbreak that will rock the mountain.

Director : Ernst Gossner

Genre : Adventure, Drama, History, Romance, War

Film Place : South Tyrol, Italy

Run Time : 94 min | Austria:100 min

Country : Austria | Italy | USA more...

Pride of Lions (2014)

Summary : Five retired ex-military mortals war the unthinkable in addition to dust off their more matured uniforms given that one and only preceding explosive mission.

Director : Sidney J. Furie

Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Film Place : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Run Time : DVD 94min/Theater 97min

Country : Canada more...

Spangas in Action (2015)

Summary : Sorry, story summary not found in database
Director : Jop de Vries

Genre : Adventure

Film Place : Zaandam, Zaanstad, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Run Time : DVD 94min/Theater 97min

Country : Netherlands more...

Crumbs (2015/II)

Summary : Our figurine sized supermen hero embarks on an epic surreal glide that will get him across the Ethiopian employment apocalyptic panorama on the watch out for a mode to get your workforce on on the hanging spacecraft that since existence has change into a landmark inside the skies.

Director : Miguel Llansó

Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Film Place : Ethiopia

Run Time : 68 min

Country : Spain | Finland | Ethiopia more...

Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man (2014)

Summary : Ace Wonder is a 10-year-old detective, stressed to treat a storyline since his hottest novel. When his way tangles along furthermore Derek Morton…

Director : John Robert Moore

Genre : Adventure, Family, Mystery

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : DVD 94min/Theater 97min

Country : USA more...

Bold Eagles (2014)

Summary : Keeping the eagles sheltered is a jam-packed duration profession inside Eagle Park, particularly whilst they also immeasurable varied animals without warning depart missing. The celebrated Eagle Park Police must step inside to inspect diverse campers, also unearth the mystery!

Director : Rasmus A. Sivertsen

Genre : Animation, Adventure

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 73 min

Country : USA more...