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Dark Awakening (2014)

Summary : A thriller centered on a few who brands an more matured estate their greenhorn conjugal along with quickly commence to envisage the spirits of numb children.

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Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Film Place : Graham, North Carolina, USA

Run Time : 95 min

Country : USA more...

Bobby Jasoos (2014)

Summary : Bobby Jasoos starring Vidya Balan, is a movie that celebrates the objective of Bobby, who requests to become…

Director : Samar Shaikh

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 121 min

Country : India more...

American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore (2014)

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Director : Stephen Biro

Genre : Horror

Film Place : Florida, USA

Run Time : USA:73 min

Country : USA more...

Borrowed Moments (2014)

Summary : Melissa also Ben Brenner withstand been easily prying the motions because a marital couple, in anticipation of the day…

Director : Doug McHenry

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance

Film Place : Los Angeles, California, USA

Run Time : 90 min

Country : USA more...

Default (2014/I)

Summary : A news broadcast crew is accepted hostage on an airplane pool to kick off enjoys the Seychelles by a gang of Somali pirates whose head is driven by solitary goal: to troth interviewed by a chief member of the crew, legendary writer Frank Saltzman.

Director : Simon Brand

Genre : Thriller

Film Place : Ontario, California, USA

Run Time : 88 min

Country : USA more...

The Last Light (2014)

Summary : Seven strangers consider each other held in an lonely health center subsequent to an unexplainable apocalyptic event…

Director : Andrew Hyatt

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 93 min

Country : USA more...

Shirin in Love (2014)

Summary : Love has no borders in addition to therein lies the premise of the charming, fresh Iranian-American romantic comedy "Shirin inside Love." Nazanin Boniadi plays Shirin…

Director : Ramin Niami

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : DVD 94min/Theater 97min

Country : USA more...

21 Days (2014)

Summary : Three filmmakers set out on a thrilling defy by blocking off each other inside a place of dwelling thence haunted, not a soul has been able to live inside as over 21 days.

Director : Kathleen Behun

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Film Place : California, Louisiana, USA

Run Time : 89 min

Country : USA more...

The Quiet Hour (2014)

Summary : In the aftermath of an unfamiliar invasion, a feisty adolescent gal sorts out to protect her farm like man scavengers who will impede at nil inside apply to continue to exist inside a post-apocalyptic world.

Director : Stéphanie Joalland

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Film Place : County Tipperary, Ireland

Run Time : 85 min

Country : UK | Ireland more...

The Midnight Swim (2014)

Summary : Spirit Lake is unusually deep. No diver has forever conducted to hold the bottom, even if scores of taste tried…

Director : Sarah Adina Smith

Genre : Drama, Mystery

Film Place : Minnesota, USA

Run Time : 84 min

Country : USA more...